Carreradecanarias, da 10 anni al servizio dello Sport nelle Isole Canarie.
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The Aparthotel San Giorgio consists of one hundred and fifty
five apartments, which conform four main buildings.  
The construction and workmanship is an excellent example of
the Sixteenth Century Palmeran style architecture.
The rooms located in the four blocks, display a friendly and
warm ambiance with the harmonious décor and comfortable
All the apartments have a large double bedroom, a safe box, a
complete bathroom with a hairdryer, a sofa bed in the living
room with multilingual television programmes and a direct line
There is also a balcony or terrace, where, softly illuminated
by a candlelight,  you can breath the cleanest air of the northern
The kitchen is well equipped with refrigerator, a vitroceramic
hob and a microwave oven, and is separated from the living
room by a breakfast counter.
We believe the Aparthotel San Giorgio is a special hotel where
you can relax and be happy, enjoy and even discover new inner
feelings away from our normal stressed environment.
Block A: Is divided into three wings, painted salmon pink,
white and ochre.  
The front terraces and balconies look onto the garden and to the
large salt water swimming pool, while the rear balconies
look onto the banana plantations and the Sea.

Block B: Is formed by two wings: one salmon pink and
the other, white.  
Both are separated by a pretty palm passageway.  There are
balconies which look onto the gardens, mountains and  the Sea.

Block C: Is the main building.  All the rooms look onto the
gardens, the swimming pool and the Sea.  In the morning, the
outside is bathed by sunlight.

Block D: Only has sixteen rooms with a peaceful and charming
position with romantic balconies, a light gallery and pleasant
gardens; all Block D rooms look onto the indoor beautiful

The “Aparthotel San Giorgio” panoramic restaurant is situated  
to the beach.  
It also keeps the traditional Canary architecture.
Having breakfast here is really a pleasure! There is a great
assortment of cold andhot food.
A leisurely breakfast begins in the restaurant or on the outdoor
Every place is good for breakfast: under the "Pérgola"  or under
shade of the gigantic "Ficus".
Very fresh salads, tasteful “tapas” and a variety of dishes are
available around the pool,
where you can also enjoy an aperitif. There are also Theme
Buffets,  with international cuisine, which includes Canarian
cooking, vegetarian and children’s food, also a variety of
Palmeran or Canarian cooking can widely be tasted.
Although there is not “a la carte” service, it is possible to
reserve, just one day before, any of the menus inside the
“Banquet Menus
Carte”, which need a minimum of six people.  Certainly, this is
an excellent option to satisfy the most demanding tastes,
enjoying at the same time the best of La Palma.
By the way, “Bar Orquídea” (Orchid Bar) is  the ideal meeting
point in the evenings and nights.
You can sit on the softly lit terrace to drink any of the delicious
The bar environment is wonderful: there are orchids, native
plants and over three hundred year old palms!  
Guests can enjoy live music or  simply be accompanied by the
sweet sound of the fountain water. Without even noticing, peace
flows everywhere and we all are inside the Aparthotel San
Giorgio traditional calm.

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to think that a quality hotel
does not have a very well equipped gymnasium.
Aparthotel San Giorgio has gone further: this hotel not only has
an all day gymnasium, but it offers services such as Sauna and
bath, which help you to recover after a day on the beach, a hike
or an island excursion.
But it is not all.  Massage  is an excellent way to relax and be
very fit.   
These massages are given by professional physiotherapists.
On the other hand, it is important to know that in order to
satisfy all the needs of families with children and other guests,
there is –inside the Complex- an all day Minimarket, which
opens from monday to saturday.  It is possible to buy fresh
bread, cakes, and food; beach and bazaar goods; gifts, books,
newspapers, local handicraft and so on.

Enjoy your holiday time, come to la Palma Island!